If it pertains to filming, lights, and photography, then Jeven Dovey masters it. Jeven has been pushing the limits of what you can do with a camera for virtually his whole life. He has worked on a wide range of productions, including features, reality television, local news, sports, and more.

Although his focus is on cinematography, his versatile abilities allow him to jump in and take lead anywhere on set. His acute technical skills make him an essential and irreplaceable asset on productions, as he is able to diagnose and correct any technical problem that arises. Furthermore, Jeven has a history of working as a video engineer and helped build the Santa Monica city studio.

Jeven’s mergence into the fitness production world came naturally, thanks to his background in athletics. He met and teamed up with health trainer and fitness producer Rachel Tonick, and the two young, experienced partners are creating a new way to capture fitness on camera. They’ve found that you don’t need huge budgets and tons of people to create an amazing video. Jeven is taking his skill of making small budgets look big and creating some of the sharpest looking, top-notch fitness videos out there.

Jeven’s love of film started at an early age when he was shooting with his parents Hi-8 camcorder. He went on to study film at Occidental College, and currently furthers his education by regularly attending cinematography events and seminars.

Aside from fitness productions, Jeven has been working on various independent film projects, as he strives to bring his vision to the big screen.

From cinematography to editing and everything in between, Jeven has become one of the savviest leaders in today’s fitness production industry.