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We know what it takes to develop a successful production strategy. We guide brands through every step of the process to ensure the final product is premium quality, has strong brand representation and cultivates a meaningful connection to viewers. In this stage, we take the client's core messaging and video objectives to find the perfect location & develop a creative direction. If needed, the FitLife Productions team can assist in program development, fitness choreography, casting & on-camera coaching.


Whether it’s a multi-camera, follow along workout or cinematic promotional videos, our team is dedicated to making your vision come to life. FitLife Productions holds the industry standard for lighting and audio design, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the expectations of our clients. We even offer aerial cinematography! We take your fitness program and inspirations and turn them into videos that ensure the user gets a in great workout, while telling your story and articulating your brand values.


Through years of experience and hundreds of successful productions, we have developed a seamless post-production service that delivers a quick turnaround and the highest quality media in the industry. We provide a comprehensive in-house, post-production service and offer a variety of additional services from music composition and timers to motion graphics and DVD authorization. Our clients are able to relax knowing that our team of experts will be handling all necessary aspects following production.

Testimonial Groups

We have been conducting successful testimonial groups since 2006, starting with our test groups for Beachbody. We work with clients to develop a thorough plan for the training protocol, help with casting, conduct the fitness classes, monitor the data, take the before and after photos and produce the final testimonial videos that show off what your product or program can really do. We are the one-stop for fitness program development, test group management, fitness training and direct-to-consumer marketing videos.


We have curated some of the best creative minds for our design team and it shows in our work. Our team has you covered for everything from set design, graphic design and motion graphics, to custom On Demand websites, Ebooks and DVD artwork. We keep our clients involved throughout the design process through open communication and thought-provoking discussion. We take your ideas and turn them into impressive, marketable content that captures and engages your target market!


When it comes to truly engaging photography, our team is second to none. We are experts in photography and have shot for the top fitness models and publications in the fitness industry. Creative photography is an essential element in fitness production as it represents your brand. As one of the most important elements, you want experts at your side. FitLife motivates and directs each talent to bring out his or her best!

Social Media Strategy *YouTube Certified*

Our work doesn’t stop once your video is created. We can help you and your team develop a social media plan so that you can increase brand recognition and ensure your content is being seen by the right audience. We specialize in developing strategic plans for YouTube that will grow your channel, as well as Instagram content and Facebook Ads that convert to relevant leads for your business.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is an integral part of growing a business, but can be overwhelming to some. At FitLife Productions, we also offer our services to help you create the custom digital marketing campaign that will help you achieve your business goals and get your products sold. We can help strategize and develop everything you need to help you create campaigns that will get your products in front of more people.


FitLife Productions is the most trusted and sought-after media production company in the fitness industry.  We are a full-service video team specializing in all areas of fitness production and are experts at Social Media content and Fitness Workout video production.  Our company prides itself on producing innovative, high quality, impactful content using cutting-edge technology. We handle everything from program development to rehearsals, casting, production, photography, editing, design, motion graphics, and custom music composition.  We are able to work within any budget to provide unique, powerful content for your brand. Whether it’s fitness, mind body, nutrition or motivation, we are the one stop for all of your video production needs.

FitLife Productions has produced original content for fitness professionals & global brands since 2012.  Over the years we have built a prestigious list of clients such as Bowflex, Herbalife, RedBull & Xbox Fitness due to our outstanding reputation of providing top quality services. We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to industry changes and new techniques and are a trusted source of innovation and thought leadership in fitness production.

The company is owned by a husband and wife team, Rachel and Jeven, who live and embody the FIT LIFE spirit.  Rachel instructs Group Ex classes and practices yoga daily, while Jeven, who is training for his next alpine climb, creates adventure documentaries and filmmaking courses. Each of them has been individually sought after for their respective abilities in video production and fitness expertise and together as a team, they’re unbeatable! Click to read more about Rachel and Jeven.

Here at FitLife Productions we work diligently with fitness entrepreneurs and global health and wellness corporations every step of the way. We deliver industry-leading expertise in creative fitness program development, production and post-production services.  Whether it’s cinematic promotional content or multi-cam follow along workouts, FitLife Productions has mastered the process to provide high-quality videos that stand out above the rest. We help you tell stories that inspire and deliver workout programs that get the end user results.

You can trust FitLife Productions to take fitness video production to the next level.


Rachel Tonick Dovey

Executive Producer

Rachel Tonick Dovey is the Executive Producer of FitLife Productions and a healthy living junkie. She is one of the top choreographers and the leading fitness production specialist in the fitness industry.

Jeven Dovey

Creative Director *YouTube Certified*

Jeven Dovey is the visionary and Creative Director of FitLife Productions. He brings our clients ideas to life with his cinematic style, artistic vision and ability to weave a story worth watching.

Aaron Brotherton

Nautilus Inc

In my 20 years of shooting I've worked with a lot of people. There are only a handful that I go to regularly, and I can count them on one hand. These are people who "get" their clients, are strong communicators, they take the time to understand what the project needs to be successful and they aren't satisfied with "good enough." They simply go above and beyond. You guys are definitely in that category.

Elizabeth Lampert


Your expertise and knowledge were incredibly helpful AND you were a blast to work with. I really can't thank you guys enough.

Candice Brooks


Thanks so much for all of your prep and organization, for your great crew, and for everything!

Anna Perrin

Title Boxing Club

Your team is hands down one of the favorite that I've ever worked with. Each and everyone of you were integral of this week. I feel privileged to work with such a great team.

Tracy Mallett


FitLife Production's has always been attentive to my needs for production and works within my timeline when I'm under time constraints. I appreciate Rachel's eye for corrections that can often get passed over as she understand movement. I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere so that I can focus on doing what I do best which is fitness, not production. I've been very happy with all the work they have done for me in the past and will continue to do so in the future!

Mike Karpenko

Fitness Celebrity

I've worked on a handful of million dollar productions and nothing compares to the experience I have on set with FitLife Productions! If you are shooting fitness videos you need to work with people that KNOW FITNESS! That's why I'm here!

Lori Harder

Cover Model Workout

Had the most amazing day shooting with FitLife Productions! I can't thank you enough for all your hard work, expertise and push! You have the most amazing team and we were honored to work with you guys!

Amber Owen

Xbox Fitness

As always, you and your team were on point, and we can't thank you enough! Everyone was awesome, and on top of their game. Always such a pleasure to get to spend time and work with you.

Samanta Clayton

Herbalife Fitness

Y'all are bad ass!!! You make me look great, the quality of the camera work is just beyond amazing & editing ion point. The jib shots are the absolute bomb!